Worx Car Vacuum Cleaner

#Product Design

Year: 2020

Our client Positec is searching for a developing pathway to found an international Chinese brand and promote the development of electric tools. It is developing with the stratagem development objective of founding a first-class international brand; WORX is one of its famous brands, who always tries to transfer professionalism, reliability, high quality and high efficiency, and also provide unique experience and value to users.  Their demands for the second car vacuum cleaner include: compact size, consistency between form and function, strong suction power, environmentally friendly, can fit Chinese market well, etc.

Our aim is to design a second-generation car vacuum for Positec, which will have some more powerful functions and can provide users with a more humane experience. We hope to improve user experience of similar products through the new generation, and build a better brand image.
我们的客户Positec正在发展创建一个一流的国际化本土品牌,推动电动工具的发展;而WORX就是其中一个知名的子品牌,它秉持着专业、可靠、优质、高效的理念,为用户提供独特的体验和价值。  他们对第二代车载吸尘器的要求包括:小巧的体积、与功能一致的外观语言、较强的吸力、环保、能较好地适应中国市场等。


Client: WORX
Collaborators: Wenbo Yang, Yuxiao Liu