Bryan Yueshen Wu is an art explorer and creator currently based in London. Having a background of industrial and product design, Bryan applies design thinking in his creation of art, alongside interdisciplinary approaches including sonic making, computing and performance. In his process of researching and experimenting with materials and digital technologies, Bryan explores the intersection between immersion and interactivity, interrogates ways that audiences experience new forms of reality and existence, and applies these investigations to create new multi-sensorial experience. Topics of interests involve self, perception, nature, algorithm, etc.

Bryan's works have been performed and exhibited at various events such as Dubai Design Week, London Digital Design Weekend (V&A Museum) and IRCAM workshop (Centre Pompidou), and different sites including Ars Electronica Deep Space, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) and Iklectik Art Lab.

Bryan 伍悦燊是目前在伦敦的艺术探索者、创作者。Bryan有着工业设计的背景;在他的艺术创作中,他常常会运用到设计思维及方法论,并结合包括声音艺术,创意编程、表演在内的多种跨学科的方法。他一边实验不同的材料、数字技术,一边探索着沉浸性和互动性间的内在联系和交集,审视观众体验现实存在形式的方式,并运用到多感官体验的创作当中。他感兴趣的主题包括自我,感知,自然,算法等。