Unknowable Certainty

#Live performance
Year: 2024

In the face of a definite ending emerges an uncompromising realization: the expansion and weight of the past as the future narrows to an unknowable but certain finite point. To extend time, a cycle of reaching into a database of recollection hopes to yield validation for the cumulative result–the emotional landscape of now. To tell the story of failing to capture the full depth of lived experiences within societally valued frameworks of rationality, Unknowable Certainty is an immersive performance embodying the narrative of aging–as a metaphorical confrontation of a definite ending.

2024, Unknowable Certainty
Immersive Performance, 2 Channel Video, 6 Channel Audio, Projection, 14’40’’

Choreography by Donna Kim, ShuTing Wang, and Seungju Lee as Directed by Donna Kim
Film Performance: Donna Kim, Mai Nguyen Tri
Live Performance: ShuTing Wang, Seungju Lee
Sound Design and Spatial Sound Mix: Bryan Yueshen Wu
Production Assistants: Seongmin Kim, Kyubin Hur

Performed at Ars Electronica Deep Space