Shirley Dawn

#Audio-Visual Performance

Year: 2021

Inspired by nature’s dawn chorus, Shirley Dawn plays between the juxtaposition of the natural and urban world, calling on the day. Made up of a field recording taken at the Addington Hill viewing platform at the end of Spring time May 2020. Nature's morning song can be heard transitioning into a more complex sound environment as the urban elements grow in presence over time. Performed alongside audio reactive visuals and spatial torchwork, inspired by changing states of light and diurnal ritual.

We invite audiences to listen and view the city soundscape flow, grow, and expand as we transition between dream and present states.
受清晨鸟叫声的启发,“Shirley Dawn”描绘了在自然世界和城市之间并置呼唤崭新一天的场景;声音主要来源于2020年5月春末在爱丁顿山观景台的现场录音。随着时间的推移,城市元素逐步出现,大自然的晨曲也将逐渐过渡到一个更复杂喧嚣的声音环境。表演融合了有机的音画互动及空间灯光投射,灵感来自于昼夜过度间光的变化状态。


- Phase 1.0 -

Audio- visual + torchlight performance at Iklectik Artlab, London

- Phase 2.0 -

Playback performance at UoG Immersive Audio Conference

Collaborators: Laura Selby, Dr. Amy Cutler

Visual programming: Bryan Yueshen Wu 
Performed at: Iklectik Artlab
Performed at: UoG Immersive Audio Conference