Puri Eye

#Product Design
Year: 2021

Puri Eye is an anion air purifier toy with the playful function of visualising the air quality around. A modest number of anion will be released through the top towards the user, meanwhile, it will also sense the air quality. By adjusting the polarizer’s position to be aligned with the indicator light and looking around through the it, users can roughly tell the air quality in such a straightforward way: the darker the polarizer, the worse the air qulity.
“Puri Eye”是一个负离子空气净化玩具概念,具有可视化周围空气质量的好玩功能。适量的负离子会通过玩具顶部向用户释放,同时,它也会感知空气质量。通过调整偏振片的位置,使其与指示灯的位置保持一致,并通过它观察周围,用户便可以大致了解周围空气质量:偏振片的颜色越深,空气质量越差;如此简单明了。

Collaborators: Wenbo Yang, Yuxiao Liu, Jiaxi Zhu, Siming Zhang