Pourtable Coffee Maker

#Product Design

Year: 2021

Recent years have witnessed the boom of two newly emerging markets in China, the camping market and coffee market. Although the user study shows that lots of participants prefer to brew coffee more quickly, certain amount of coffee lovers still hope to keep a complete manual coffee making process during a camping trip, as it has become a habit and ritual. It is also found that pour-over method is the most commonly-used coffee making way when people are conducting outdoor activities, so the design aim is to provide coffee lovers with a nice manual coffee pour-over ritual when they are camping. The market research displays that various coffee brewers are quite portable and suitable for outdoor experience, but there still lacks innovative combination of different coffee making tools including a coffee grinder, which might not be a satisfying answer for coffee fans.

My main product is a modular coffee maker consisting of four parts, a thermo cup, a pour-over container, a filter, and a coffee grinder, which enables users to take it to the campsite conveniently due to its compact shape. When people want to brew coffee, they can first detach its parts, put the filter into the container, and use the grinder to grind the coffee beans towards the filter, which allows the coffee powder to drop directly onto the filter. After completing coffee grinding, users can pour water in, wait until the coffee finishes dripping, add coffee into the cup and enjoy it. Accessories including a pour-over kettle (with a detachable spout, and a handle shared by the kettle and grinder), a coffee bean container and a spoon, are also available to facilitate the outdoor pour-over process. Coffee lovers can choose whether to bring them all with the provided package, or just take the coffee maker only.


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