#Audio-Visual Performance

Year: 2022

Pot(Wa)tery is a multimedia performance celebrating the recurrence of a pottery's life cycle and reflecting on the relationship between artefacts and the natural world.

Inspired by the Eternal Return philosophy and the mudlark experience where pottery pieces were found in a riverside, in this piece, we told a story about pottery, incorporating sound collages, audiovisuals, live sampling, etc., aiming at exploring the possibility of how artefact's memory is influenced and recorded by the marine. We scaled up and down, and challenged and conduct the narrative in an experimental way.


Concept: Bryan Yueshen Wu
Visual programming: Bryan Yueshen Wu
Sound performer: Bryan Yueshen Wu

Music performer: Asher Yang
Project advisor: Ronnie Deelen
Developed at: Royal College of Art White City

Performed at: St John on Bethnal Green