Year: 2021-now

Demonstrated at: IRCAM 2022, Centre Pompidou

Laura Selby

MYcelium is a multi-sensory experience inviting visitors to interact with fungal forms, connected to a reactive audio-visual environment around them. Through a series of interactions, aspects of their own identity are captured and expressed through audio and imagery, manifesting into their own mycelium network. The concept of the piece explores the possibility of extending our own remembered existence into the ancient network, currently threading trillions of connections beneath our Earth’s surface.

Across the Wood Wide Web, information and resources are shared through mycorrhizal connections between fungi and plant roots. Trees that have spawned from older generations can be recognised by their relatives through their root tips, enabling favoured relationships; by sharing nutrients supporting their survival. These data points of identity indicate a form of shared memory within the greater environment of the forest. Is there a way that the human world can connect to this network of memory? Are we able to perform information exchanges with the network, of our own aspects of self; through gesture and shared communication? These are the questions we hope to explore through our installation presented.


- Phase 1.0 -

Sound experiments in Epping Forest, London

MYcelium installation outdoor setup

- Phase 2.0 -

Exhibited in IRCAM workshop 2022, Centre Pompidou