Memory Ghost

#Moving image
Year: 2022

The world we currently live in is very different to the one previous generations experienced, species have been lost forever and ecosystems have been destroyed by human activity, however we’re not capable of perceiving it. Each generation sets its mental benchmark of normality by how the world looked when first encountered. The difference in intergenerational perceptions is a phenomenon known as environmental amnesia. Memory Ghost is an artistic project that explores environmental amnesia in the context of sea corals.

Artist Xiangjin Chen uses artificial intelligence to analyze and generate fiction corals, measure concentration and predict people's memory bleaching degree of corals through brain wave equipment, then show this dynamic process in moving images. She attempts to use this method to construct memories for the future from the temporal dimension and perceptual experience of the past.

The project aims to raise consciousness about environmental issues and open up a series of questions about our perception and impact on both memory and nature change.
我们目前生活的世界与前几代人所经历的世界截然不同,有的物种永远消失了,生态系统也逐步被人类活动所破坏,然而我们大多数人却并没有感知到这样的现象。每一代人都通过第一次遇到的世界的样子来设定他们正常的心理基准。这种代际认知的差异被称为“环境失忆症”。艺术项目《记忆幽灵 》通过海珊瑚来探索环境失忆症。



- Original Track -

Collaborator: Xiangjin Chen
Sound design: Bryan Yueshen Wu