Material Topology

#Fulldome audiovisual film
Year: 2023

Material Topology is a dome-based audiovisual short film that explores materiality at different scales. It magnifies the subtle changes in the microcosmic world within an immersive space, prompting the audience to contemplate the similarities and chaotic patterns among entities of various dimensions.

Inspired by topology’s geometry, it reveals how seemingly different objects may possess identical structures, and a mutual mapping exists between micro and macro scales.

The image of the work uses a high-definition macro camera to capture and magnify the dynamic variations of fluorescent powder particles influenced by sound vibrations, projected onto a giant dome. Within the encompassing dome environment, even the tiniest material changes are highlighted, evoking awe and imagination.

Simultaneously, the sound experience combined with the changes in vision travels through the entire auditorium, leading the audience to immerse themselves in a world full of chaotic particles. Here, the scale of human beings is minimised, as if merging with matter, feeling the dramatic contrast between the microcosm and the macrocosm.
物质拓扑 是一场在艺术球幕中探索微观世界构建的展演作品。通过过球幕的穹顶空间,放大微小的实景变化,引发人们对不同维度事物之间相似性与混沌中的秩序所产生的思考。从拓扑几何学中汲取灵感,作品揭示看似不同的事物可能具有相同结构,及微观与宏观之间的相互映射。


2023, Material Topology
8k Moving Image, Spatial Sound, Projection, 10:17

Produced by: Ke Peng
Sound Design: Bryan Yueshen Wu, Zhao Jiajing
Exhibited at C-Lab Taiwan, Future Vision Lab 2023