#Snoic sculpture
Year: 2023

MYcorrhizal is an extended-reality sonic experience mapping an interconnection between mycelium and beings. A duet of worlds between data signals, entities and scales of existence. Audiences can encounter and influence the sonic ecosystem around them, and reflect upon their role in the acoustic ecology of the spaces we exist within.

The installation is inspired by the mycorrhizal bridges that exist within the forests of our Earth; connecting root, mycelium, and organism, enabling the recourse distribution of data, nutrients and memory. Visitors are invited to consider the ways we can become consciously entangled within these worlds. In what ways do we as beings already influence the worlds that exist around us? What traces do we leave behind? Through sound we can traverse temporally to worlds and species that on our human scale are seemingly invisible. Through revealing the acoustic ecologies around us and hearing the effects our traces leave, can we form our own mycorrhizal connections?

Presented at the centre is a quadraphonic sonic sculpture, emitting fragments of an ecosystem combined with mycelium electrical spiking activity collected by Professor Andrew Adamatzky. A global soundscape surrounds taking the sonic data of the ecosystem, the mycelium impulses and the live tracking of CO2 levels in the exhibit space to produce an evolving, learning, sonic landscape. By employing machine learning to integrate these different data sources, the generative soundscape is transformed by the passive and active interactions of the audience, including their breath and touch on the textile. The piece utilises spatialisation not only as a compelling storytelling tool but as a way to extend the reality of the generative ecosystem demonstrated.


该装置的灵感来自于存在我们地球森林中的菌根桥梁,它们连接根部、菌丝和有机体,甚至可能使数据、营养和记忆在生态网络中重新分配。在这个体验中,观众被邀请思考我们与这些微观世界的纠缠方式:我们作为生命体正在以何种方式影响我们周围的世界?我们留下了什么痕迹? 通过声音,我们可以在时间上穿越到那些人类感知范围之外的世界和物种中去。通过揭示我们周围的声学生态,听到我们留下的痕迹,我们可以形成我们自己的菌根联系吗?


- Performance -

2023, MYcorrhizal
HD Moving Graphics, Stereo Sound, Projection, Microphone, Monitor Speakers, Tufted Fabric, Silicon Rubber, Carbon Dioxide Sensor, 12:00

- Installation -

2023, MYcorrhizal
HD Moving Graphics, Six-channel Sound, Projection, Transducers, Monitor Speakers, Plywood, Printed Fabric, Conductive Thread, Cardboard, Carbon Dioxide Sensor, Infinite Duration

In collaboration with Laura Selby, Devanshi Rungta
Performance: Royal College of Art Kensington Lecture Theatre
Demonstration: IRCAM forum workshop 2023, Centre Pompidou