Ode to Tangerine

Year: 2021-2022

Ode to Tangerine is created for a rural revitalisation project. As is the case with many rural areas in China, the large number of younger generations in the village who have decided to work in cities has given rise to many problems such as children left behind. Divided into seven movements, the suite combines the story line of Bing Xin's essay "Little Orange Lantern" and the cultural symbol of the Shu Road, depicting the different moods of farmers from sowing to harvesting while mapping out the story of a child left behind in hardship but with a heart for light, waiting alone for his father to return from afar.

The visualisation concert was performed in January, 2022 at the launch of the Luojiang tangerine branding event, for which Star Reach Studio has also designed tangerine gift boxes, among other products, in the hope of helping local farmers to promote the delicious produce, so that they can gradually become self-sufficient and fundamentally solve problems for the rural areas.

该场可视化音乐会于2022年一月的罗江福橘品牌发布会上演出,Star Reach工作室也为此设计了橘子的周边礼盒等产品,希望能帮助当地农民宣扬农产品,从而逐步做到自给自足,从根本上改变农村的体质。

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Client: Star Reach
Music: Shuyu Lin
Performers: Jhao-Yin Academy
Visual programming: Bryan Yueshen Wu

Performed at: Luojiang Tangerine branding event opening