<LiCub> Light Set

#Product Design

Year: 2020

Campers in China normally go camping for multiple purposes including team building activities and family activities, so their outdoor products purchase is quite diverse. Our group decided to focus on the lighting design and lightweight topic. Based on our research, we found that the needs for light can be mainly classified into three aspects, functionality, atmosphere and entertainment. According to our market research, although some products are doing well in functionality and atmosphere, there hardly exist playful camping lamp, and we did not find an existing solution for effectively combining the three aspects. Thus, our goal is to design a set of lightweight lamps that can satisfied the three basic needs, and can be well fit together so that campers can conveniently take all.

For functionality, we designed a head torch with a spotlight in the middle and a soft LED strip as the head band. Besides being put on head, it can also be hung somewhere as an additional light source when the hidden hook is pulled out. We also made an atmosphere projection lamp. Users can insert leaves that they collected into the slots near the edges, put leaves onto the transparent lid to project an interesting image, and combine sheets of different colors to create their ideal atmosphere. Additionally, we designed a playful tictactoe lamp to provide entertaining experience for both personal recreation or team activity. This lamp is constituted by three magnet-linked cuboids, enabling people to rotate them or rearrange their position. More importantly, users can use the small stuffs that they picked such as rocks or clods to play tictactoe games on it against each other. The other two lights can be put in the atmosphere projection lamp, which is quite compact and can offer a convenient carrying experience.

We also considered our branding logo and package. The name LiCub comes from the combination of Light and Cubic, where light refers to our product and cubic reflects our design language. It can also be a homophonic pun, like you, since we like our customers. For the package, we decided to keep the form consistent with our products, so it is a cubic with minimal decoration.



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Collaborators: Skylar Xiaoyu Wang, Xiaoyu Wang, Siyi Xia, Yuanyuan Xu