#Contemporary Dance
Year: 2023

‘Ling’ (靈): Derived from oracle bone script, (雨) rain from above, in the middle is (口) mouth, Shaman(巫) down below. The Shaman's persistent prayer for rain, with ‘Ling’ can also extend to refer to sacred spirits.
靈 Ling:从甲骨文演变而来,上部(雨),中部(口),下部(巫),表示巫师念念不停地祈祷下雨;靈字也引申指神灵。

2023, 靈 Ling
HD Live Moving Graphics, Stereo Sound, Projection, Stage Lighting, Fabric, Clay, approx 25:00

Director: Yijun Deng 
Co-director, co-producer: Bryan Yueshen Wu, Chang Meng , Jeanyoon Choi
Choreographer: Yijun Deng
Dancer: Amanda Pang, Jiayi Fan, MingChin Hsieh, Zejia Zhang
Painting performer: Agelos Kotzias
Visual design: Bryan Yueshen Wu, Chang Meng
Visual programmer: Bryan Yueshen Wu, Jeanyoon Choi
Lighting programmer: Bryan Yueshen Wu, Mark Webber
Sound design and music: Lapis
Project advisor: Florence Peake, Lauren Potter, Orrow Bell, Vania Gala
Photo credit: Ruiduo Jiang, Sunghoon Song
Special thanks: James Hendy, Tom Hastings, Sophie Clements
Project developed at The Place
Performance: Fish Tank Festival of Contemporary Dance, The Place