Intelligent Box

#Small Space Design

Year: 2021

Remote work is currently becoming more popular in China because of the pandemic. During my user study, I found that office workers are mainly middle-class and their home spaces are not large enough to allow an independent work space. Consequently, they are faced with the challenge of distractions at home and are prone to health issues because of bad sitting posture and poor ergonomic design.

This design concept provides an interactive home office space, that monitors and adapts to movement to help people to stay healthier during their remote work at home. The ergonomic chair, desk and light will shift between modes that are based on time, ensuring people change their posture regularly. With a coupling mobile application that can customize different seating modes to record health data and give feedback, people’s home working experience will be much more comfortable and enjoyable.
由于疫情的爆发,远程工作目前在中国正变得越来越普遍了。我的用户群体主要为中产阶级的办公一族 ;他们的家庭空间大多数不算大,没有像书房这样的独立工作空间,使得他们在家工作时容易分心,而且还会出现由于久坐、不良坐姿、缺乏人机工学设计的家具等引发的健康问题。


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