Year: 2022
Performed at: Iklectik Artlab

Ke Peng

My role: Sound performance

Evolution is an audio-visual performance piece about the chaotic nature of the origin and evolution of life through an exploration of materiality. The audience will be taken on a journey where simple materials such as luminous powders and water are organically activated and nonlinearly transformed by the performed sonic oscillations.

Due to the physical phenomenon of cymatics, inorganic matter will move and form various patterns within a sound field, manifesting an organic vitality. Meanwhile, the dynamics of these substances are irregular, unpredictable and chaotic, just as the Chaos Theory suggests, how a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can lead to large differences in a later state. From there, and also the inspiring complex creature evolution, we propose a speculative world where all matter is alive and interconnected. From a static point, these seemingly inorganic substances will gradually erratically evolve under the influence of a complicated force field created by sound, demonstrating their unique identity, and the delicate relationship among them as well.

This piece aims to trigger an evolution of ordinary matter, to be a starting point for the emergence of 'life forms', and to allow them to be alive in their complex interrelationships, entanglements, and propensities for open-ended change. Thus, we hope to provoke a new perception to the world, and to our relationship with ordinary matter.



这个作品旨在引发普通物质的进化,成为 "生命形式 "出现的起点,并让它们在复杂的相互关系、纠缠和无限制变化的倾向中保持活力。因此,我们希望对世界以及我们与普通物质的关系引发一种新的认识。