#Speculative Design
Year: 2021

This project is primarily inspired by Adidas’s brand strategy that emphasizes innovation and digital transformation, as well as their successful collaboration with ‘Parley the Ocean’, which was regarded as a pioneer in the sustainability promotion in sneaker industry. There are around 20 billion shoes being produced every day, and due to the fact that most of soles are connected to the vamps by using glue, a large number of them end up in landfill.

With the mindset of balancing sustainability and consumerism, this project speculates an environment-protecting movement called ‘Adigitalisation’, which is led by Adidas, alongside with many other fashion brands’ commitments. In this scenario, the landfill capacity is reaching the maximum, so the government have to encourage different brands to work together and produce a long-lasting sneaker design. Inspired by the classic Chelsea Boots, and utilising the newly emerging flexible display technology, Adidas creates a breakthrough where screens are attached to the vamps. With a coupling App on the phone, users can project different patterns onto the shoes; People are now purchasing or subscribing new patterns from the brands they like rather than new shoes. Adidas is also setting up pop-up shops around the world to introduce this new design…
这个项目的灵感主要来自于阿迪达斯强调创新和数字转型的品牌战略,以及他们与 “Parley the Ocean ”的成功合作,后者被认为是运动鞋行业可持续发展推广的先驱。每天大约有200亿双鞋被生产出来,由于大多数鞋底是通过胶水连接到鞋面的,所以大量的鞋最终都被填埋。

本着平衡可持续发展和消费主义的心态,本项目设想了一个名为 "Adigitalisation "的环境保护运动,该运动由阿迪达斯领导,同时还得到了许多其他时尚品牌的支持。在这个情景里,球鞋垃圾填埋场的容量即将极限,所以政府在压力下开始鼓励不同的品牌合作,共同设计生产出一种持久的运动鞋。受经典切尔西靴的启发,并利用新兴的柔性显示技术,阿迪达斯创造了一个全新的突破性设计,将屏幕附着在鞋面上。通过手机上的配套应用程序,用户可以将不同的图案投射到鞋子上;人们现在可以购买或订阅他们喜欢的品牌的新图案,而不是新鞋子。阿迪达斯还在世界各地设立快闪商店,介绍这种新的设计...

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